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  I will refuse to watch this movie. It is horrifying for me to watch these actors suggest that they actually flew Military Jets without a pilot. A movie set consists of a "model jet" and/or flying as a guest. Learning disabilities such as "Dyslexia'' ban a person from serving in the military unless a national emergency exists. Filming "Top Gun 2" is not a national emergency. I would much rather have the studio: "Paramount,'' acknowledge the truth and acknowledge the actors ability to take a "backseat driving" position and make it seem real and authentic. Of which is not the case. There was no clearance from the USA Military for "Top Gun 2" actors to fly Military Fighter Jets themselves.  Please focus on the truth! Yes, we have "Freedom of Speech'' and "Freedom of the Press." But, our USA Military is literally being disrespected (and worse) and hurt by such Hollywood actors and studio executives fr
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Beetlejuice | Meeting Beetlejuice | Warner Bros. Entertainment

This video depicts current events in my life. I moved to California in 2012 the year that "life ceased to exist" and so that came very very true for me. I had been an Administrative Office worker and Retail worker living in the City of Chicago from 1995 to 2012 or  17 years.  My life came to an aprupt end when I could not find WORK to pay for RENT. Though, I did find work via a gay male dating site called ADAM4ADAM and BBRT  where I found work as a gay male escort; A client of whom asked if I were willing to be paid for escorting work. I agreed and made $200 bucks for our first meeting on Presidents day 2012 and then $250 bucks about a week later from the same client. Though, this type of "sex work" does and did fall under my Career as a Personal Trainer with PE K-12 Education Training, Community Fitness Education and training. I have thus gained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Personal Training Certificate from

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - "Feud: Bette and Joan"

Oooh, this looks like a really really good movie!!! I was doing a search for a mommy dearest quote "bring me the ax" on YouTube and found this movie! Very happy to see a movie made like this. Actually, I don't think I have ever seen or know what format this is.... Well, added to my must see movie list! Thank you.

Exercises for Flat Feet

So, I've been "catching" up on Star Trek after watching "Star Trek Beyond" on Pluto TV. I watched the first two: 2009 and 2013 versions this past Sunday.  Then, I wanted to see if Chris Pine had any "NEW" NUDES and so I did my regular Google search "Chris Pine Nude" and noticed what appears to be "FLAT FEET." I thought "there must be something I can do?." So, I went to YouTube and researched exercises for flat feet. I am posting the best results here. Photo Source: In the above photo I notice a flat arch. The video above portrays educational information how to correct or even better yet "how to exercise your flat feet."   Within this blog are advertisement spaces. I sell these spaces for Google. I get punished if I click on my own ads. THEREFORE, it is helpful if someone else click



Air - Kelly Watch The Stars

This video inspires much thought. Apparently, the two guys are controlling the two ping pong players? Or, they are not? Interesting video

Rammstein - Angst (Official Video)

Love this new tune! Wow, cool...some new stuff???