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The Cars - Shake It Up (Official Music Video)

A favorite tune of mine. 
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Blondie – Call Me

I love this movie, "American Gigolo." I can rember watching this movie on "Cable" TV back in the 1980's. A relative of mine was watching this am introduced me to Richard Gere. Amid all the controversy of Gere's popularity at the time.

The 12 Rockin' Days of Christmas - Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC

Twelve Rockin' Days of Christmas! - GMCLA

One my favorite holiday tunes performed by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. I love this performance of the song "Twelve Days of Christmas." Check out the other Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles performances on their YouTube channel. They are spectacular!

Dirty laundry - Don Henley

I have always enjoyed listening to this song. This video is newer than the other one I used to watch. There was another "homemade" video to this that I cannot find anymore. Oh well. I will consider this video as an upgraded version.

Lipps Inc. - Funkytown (Live)

I love this tune! "Talk about moving." Yes, I have now settled into Los I think. Happened so fast. A great video. 

Kmart In-Store Music: Christmas 1974 (reupload/recreation)

Wow! I remember K Mart. Used to shop here for shoes and Halloween costumes. My mother utilized the layaway plan often. I remember her always making a payment. I love this kind of music...."store music." Very few vocals if any.