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Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart (Official Music Video)

Well, I am undergoing a "kickstart" of my heart this Friday. I recently was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation / Congestive Heart Failure. The doctor has order a cardio-version therapy treatment to shock my heart to a normal rhythm. Currently, I have a severe irregular heartbeat.  More information can be found here:
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Argument - Monty Python

I love watching Monty Python show on YouTube. I laugh everytime. 


I love this "Universal Love" YouTube channel. For the past 3 years I have been listening to various remixers such as the current DJ Dani Brasil and others such as DJ Aron. A wide variety of remixers and DJ's within this genre. This mix by DJ Dani Brasil is awesome! Another great mix of music for work (I'm a Doordash delivery person) and to brighten and fill happiness throughout the day.  Have an awesome day!  :-)

Sativa vs Indica

I was recently asked to define the difference between "Sativa" and "Indica" cannabis My current knowledge is that of an amature  consumer. I know Indica to be more relaxing and Sativa to be more energetic. There is more truth to be learned as both plant species can have similar effects. More information can be found with research.  I found this site as my favorite:  WHAT IS A STRAIN?


A “Drag-List" is a YouTube Playlist I've created utilizing other people’s videos to perform a short-story.  Formerly, I performed my Drag-List on stage at the Nob Hill Adult Theater in San Francisco California under stage name "Matt Steel."  Now, I post them here and post my blog-posts on various social media platforms to generate traffic to this blog. I sell Google Ad-space on this blog. So, by clicking on an advertisement within my blog you are helping me to earn money. Thank you!  It has been 1 year since I received my first PAYCHECK FROM GOOGLE!! :-) $100.  It took me since I fist began this blog in July 2011 until 2021 to generate that amount. And, I am very happy about that! If you're interested in "Personal Training" and cannot afford it well then just click on a few ads and then we can work something out? Thank you for all your help keeping my channel alive all this time. :-)

The YouTube "tipper"

This is my favorite show! I noticed a character from another YouTube Show? Maybe from 2003-2004? The bald guy with the facial jewelry holding a frankfurter. I noticed this person with his own show. However, I cannot remember exactly where? "Michael and Matt" is a daily routine for me now. Previously, I was hooked watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. Now, I am developing an online relationship with Michael and Matt . Funny, that my name is Michael and my stage name online a "phone-line" and at the Nob Hill Theater was Matt?  Lastly, this is the first YouTube Show that I "tipped." This tip was done utilizing a "NEW" feature where others can tip, donate or pay a specific YouTube Channel. Michael and Matt is worth many more "tips" from others.

"Why EVERY Disney Character Is GAY?" by Andrew Schulz & Akaash Singh

I am still waiting for the answer please? "See themselves at a younger age?" That is the only statement that I heard to answer the question, "why every Disney character is gay?" Why? Because Gay kids watch Disney and Disney is advertising to them? Also,  Please see attached a comment I wrote responding to the entertainment value of the show: "This... is actually more entertaining then whatever Disney is putting out there." - Video host "Not into "Deadpool?" Disney bought 20th Century Fox in 2019: . These guys never answer any of the questions. Whenever someone asks a question there is .125 second blurb about it and then its dropped like a hot potato and the story is immediately changed. That is not really entertaining for me but writing about them and posting a review is ... "