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I, Michael Joseph Hupertz, have residency from birth in Indiana. I have vowed to help the homeless on the grapevine. I have witnessed these homeless shelter violations San Francisco and Tampa Florida. And, reporting such information for resolution. Though, it is not suggesting that the circle continue and individual dreams etc are taken away or people are hurting. The purpose for me is to provide the details as I "hear"and as I witness and create a basis of fact to report. What I witnessed below.  SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 90 day bed reservations ending before the 90 day period. I worry that the city still received the money for the person they kicked out prematurely and collects more when another is reserved for same bed...thus collecting on double, triple booked beds etc. Though, this was the past pre covid19 practice. Also, individuals being denied placement into housing which is current placement is frozen.  TAMPA, FL Same thing. I witnessed a faith based facility (still under o

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