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Workout 2: Hills/Stairs of San Francisco (Legs)

Monday December 31st Approximately a one mile run or so which included hill/stairs workout of San Francisco, CA to focus on legs and balance.  I completed the following exercises focusing on building legs/butt and lower body. First part: 1 mile jog, incline incline hills, intervals with backwards walking up hill 1 minute stair climb, 2 sets Second Part, 12 lbs weight, 2 sets of 12 receptions: Squats  One Legged Deadlifts Jumping Jacks

Workout 1: Walking as Exercise?

Saturday December 29th 1.5 run/walk.  Did not feel well today but completed a workout and met my goal.  Point for today is to maintain your goal.  If you don't feel like working out then walking (a most underrated exercise) is better than nothing.  Walking has many benefits which should not be overlooked.  Walking is simple and easy, requires only a pair of shoes and gets the body moving and can enhance physical fitness and well being.   For more info:


Physical activity helps to enhance brain function and productivity....a requirement for better brain activity...  Interesting article regarding physical activity, specifically endurance activity, and human evolution and survival.  New York Times Article:  Exercise and the Ever-Smarter Human Brain by Gretchen Reynolds 12/26/12

Workout 1: Rainy Day Exercises

Saturday December 22 Raining outside and did not have much time so I focused on bodyweight training today.  Completed 2 sets to failure of the following exercises: Push-ups (wide/close) Pull-ups  Chin-ups Hanging Leg Raises Then, I used a 15 pound dumbbell to complete 2 sets of 12 reps of following exercises S houlder Press Tricep  Extension Overall a great workout.  I am glad to have completed a workout this week....even though it was raining, I was able to maintain my goal.

Workout 2: Outdoor Circuit Training

Saturday December 15th Today I combined a 1.5 mile jog and backwards running with alternating bodyweight circuits. I started with a 5 minute warm-up, and then began with a 1.5 mile run which included bodyweight station breaks. The workout ended with backward running and a 5 minute cool-down. The Workout: A 1.5 mile run which included stopping to complete 3 different bodyweight circuits (to failure) Circuit 1: 22 push-ups, 20 low incline leg raises and 20 seconds of rest; then immediately into Circuit 2 : 20 push-ups, 5 high leg raises (increased incline); immediately after completion of circuit 2 I began a 2 min jog to next station Circuit 3: Parallel bar walks (2 times across bar); then continued with remainder of 1.5 mile run At the end of the 1.5 mile run I included 3 30 second backward running/forward walking intervals. The cool-down consisted of a 5 minute walk. P.S. when home I also completed 1 set of chin-ups and pull-ups to failure. Reflection: Overall was a g

Workout 1: Bodyweight and Backwards Running

Tuesday December 11  A 1.5 mile jog/run and bodyweight exercises at park. I walked about 5 minutes for a warm-up and 5 minutes for a cool-down. During the beginning of my run, I decided to include some bodyweight exercises.  I did 2 sets or each exercise to failure.  I'm including the number in which in took to get to failure to compare in the future.   2 sets of each exercise to failure Incline Leg Lifts: Set 1=15 reps on low incline, Set 2=5 reps on the higher or middle incline. (at park) Push-ups: Set 1=20, Set 2=22 (flat ground) At the end of my run I decided to do backwards running for about 2 minutes, in 1 minute intervals.  Why run backwards?  I like to include backward running to help balance / coordination and muscle control.  I also like the cardiovascular benefits and how my legs feel afterwards .  My  philosophy to do backward running at the end of my workout is similar to that of a burnout set in weight lifting...if that makes sense. For more information c

Workout 1: Missed Workouts

Monday December 3rd  1.5 mile run. Overall a great workout. The warm-up consisted of  1/2 mile walk.  After the warm-up I completed a 1.5 mile run/jog and a 1/2 mile walk for the cool-down.  Warm-ups and cool-downs help to prevent injury by getting the body ready for exercise.  Each time I workout I spend at least 5-10 minutes on warm-ups/cool-downs...usually via walking. TIP:   Missed Workouts I failed to meet workout and blog post goal over the past two weeks. However, I won't let this steer me away from my long-term goals though.  The lesson here is to maintain a positive outlook and overall long-term commitment to exercise and fitness by continuing with my exercise program the following week and utilizing this as a learning experience. (i.e. focusing on the "big picture" or long-term goal)  I've included a motivational video about what to do if you miss a workout....

Workout 1 and 2

Workout 1. Wednesday October 24th  went for a 1 mile run. Was a quick run but managed to workout early in morning. Workout 2. Friday October 26th  went or a 2 mile run, only stopped two times for about 10-20 seconds each. Goal is to get back on a regular workout schedule and regular blog post. Starting with maintaining 1 workout and 1 blog post per week during the month of November.

Yosemite National Park

Hiking at Yosemite National Park


Day 1 Pre-Workout Meal:  a whole peach, half of a green apple and a glass of water. Workout: 2 mi run; included 5 minutes of backward running at end of workout. After run completed workout with weights.  2 sets to failure: shoulder presses, upright rows, biceps curls, triceps presses and squats.  Then added some body-weight exercises at the end 2 sets to failure: chin-ups,  pull-ups and hanging ab crunches. Post Workout Meal:  Don't have it yet but usually consists of cereal, OJ, milk.

Must See Motivational Video


Sunday September 16th Went hiking / rock climbing. This exercise promotes kinesthetic mind/body awareness, and can boost self confidence as well as balance / coordination. Also, incorporates the upper and lower body muscles (core) and cardiovascular systems. Excellent outdoor fitness workout.   However, I would recommend prior fitness training before embarking on a hiking / rock climbing adventure to prepare and/or strengthen your muscles and body for such an activity in order to avoid injury.

Nutrition Tips

Benefits Unprocessed Foods: Provide greater nutritional value  Help to reduce cost at grocery store Help maintain better portion control Less preservatives / additives Promote better overall health and well being Check out these links for more information about the benefits of unprocessed / natural foods. Links Raw Food Diet info:


Day 1 Sunday September 9 Weight training with light weights focusing on shoulders and Nero-muscular balance Day 2 Monday September 10 Reservoir Jog / walk intervals around a Reservoir...with hills Day 3 Thursday September 11 2 short workouts; morning and evening. Jog / walk intervals.  Walk some and then jog/run some.  No structure to the plan just running and walking whenever.  Goal is to build more structure into this workout plan utilizing timed intervals, counts an/or landmarks.

Workout Week 1

Sept 2-3 Day 1: Went trail hiking.  Completed intervals of jogging and walking up a slight but steady incline for 4 miles: 2 miles up and 2 miles down.  Included some backward walking to work on balance an mind/body connection. Day 2: Went swimming and river rock climbing. Did some swimming exercises and rock climbing; focusing on  maintaining coordination and balance.

Freestyle Stroke Efficiency

Thought I would share this video which provides some information on how to develop a more efficient freestyle swim stroke.

Workouts July 22 - August 11

July 22 to July 28th I managed two workouts.  Each consisted of walk/runs and about 30-60minutes in length. Nothing significant to report. July 29 to August 4   Manged two workouts during this week. This includes one long run/walk (about 10 miles) with some upper bodyweight exercises included. (pull-ups and push-ups, sit-ups) August 5 to August 11 Three workouts. The first consisted of a 3 mile run focusing on not walking as much.  Second and third workouts were 1.5 mile runs with some stops in between....intervals of run/walk.

Workout 3

Saturday July 14th 1 hour 28 minute workout along lakefront. 7 minute walk/warmup, 1 hour 10 minutes of activity: jog/walking, stair hops, pull-ups and an 11 minute cooldown/walk home. Walked more than I would have liked today but did get some sun. Tried some stair squat hops today on the giant stairs by Belmont Harbor and the Lakefront. Completed 3 intervals of squat hops / jogging / walking.  Stairs were wide enough to lay on and about knee height. Here's an example:

Workout 1

Sunday July 8th 1 hour workout along the lakefront. Perfect weather for a workout today. Managed a 7 minute warm-up and cool-down along with 45 minutes of activity. Today I focused on jogging without stopping and included some bodyweight exercises. I was able to run farther today than my prior workout without stopping. New goal is to complete a continuous run without stopping. To do this next time I'll need to bring a water bottle with me so I'm not tempted to stop at one of the water fountains.  Goal is to go 2-5 minutes farther without stopping than I have recently.  Warm-up: 7 minute walk Activity: 45 minute jog and 20 push-ups at the end of run.  Cooldown: 7 minute walk

Workout 1

Wednesday June 20th  Back from a month long exercise vacation. I typically take breaks from time to time to help keep myself motivated and continually exercising.  This method seems to work for me so I continue to do it. Kind of like a form of periodization.       Today I went for a run / walk.  I forgot my watch so I did not time today.  I was out for about an hour though. At the end I completed about 10 push-ups.  Hot and humid today and took it easier but did complete my longer route.  Warmup: Walking;  Activity: Run/walk;  Cool-down: Walking

Workout 2

Friday May 25th 30 minute run along the lakefront. Moderate day today.  Managed to check heart-rate but seemed somewhat high at around 160 BPM.  I was in more of a hurry today and didn't get a correct reading.  Will double check next time.  All in all was a great workout.  Had a nice 5 minute walk as a warm up, followed by 30 minutes of jogging time and a walk home as my cool-down.  Nice temp in the upper 60's.  Great workout today.

Alcohol and Fitness?

Can you drink beer and still be fit? Here's an interesting article I read to help answer that question. The answer would depend on amount of consumption and activity levels.  Check out the article for more information. Also, I've added a link to a calculator that can estimate the amount of calories you're consuming from your favorite alcoholic drink.  One way to assist with weight loss is to reduce alcohol consumtion.  How many extra calories are you consuming?  Try it out.

Workout 1

Monday May 21st 40 minute run along the lakefront. Great workout today. I tried a different route on the path. Temp was in the 60's.  Forgot to take my heart rate but this was a light day today.  I mixed the workout with walk / run intervals. Warmup:  6 minutes walk/light jog Activity:  27 minutes, jog/walk intervals Cool-down:  7 minutes, walk

Workout 2

Friday May 17th 43 minute workout. About a 3-4 mile run/walk.  A 7 minute warm up followed by 33 minutes of running/walking followed by a cool-down, walking, for the remaining 10 minutes.  Great day.  Tried to do some push-ups but wasn't really in the mood so only got a few in but as the saying goes..."something is better than nothing."  Also, tried to take my heart rate as well but couldn't get a good reading. I usually, when working out, count beats for 6 seconds from the neck and then just add a zero.  Result was approximately 140-150 plus or minus a few.  I was having technical difficulties with my counting Still within my target heart rate range. (70-80%x 220-age)

My Favorite Superhero

Multi-faceted superhero with the ability to transform for many occasions including running, swimming and motor-bike. Other powers include: deflecting bullets, superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance, lasso of truth and the list goes on.....

Workout 1

Tuesday May 15th A late and very light run today.  10 minutes total including the warm-up portion.  Started to thunder / lightning and so turned around back home.  Very warm today in the 70's. Warm-up Walk Activity 8 min jog/run, about 1 mile Cool-down Walk

Workout 2: Pose Running Practice

Thursday May 10th Late run today; dark out.  Was nice to be outside on the path with noone else running; just an occasional bicyclist or dog walker.  All in all was a nice and short workout. Failed to time it though. I started my watch but didn't really keep time. I'm assuming by this stage that since I begin and end the activity portion at the same point (regardless of distance) that the time spent in warm-up / cool-down period is close to the time spent for these periods in prior workouts. Activity run portion is then estimated around 10-15 minutes with an additonal 5 minutes of activities.  Warm-up: walk/fit walk Activity: short run practicing pose running form, handstand push-ups againts a post, 20 seconds in headstand pose practicing to control breathing. Cool-down: walk Been studying running techniques to improve my form, time and efficiency. I am really liking the Pose Running technique. This technique seems more economically efficient, thus, conserving ene

Open Water Swim Tips From Dave Scott

Backward Running Demo

Try this out for something different!

Workout 1

Monday May 7th Went for a run along the lakefront path.  Getting warmer and lots more motivation with other people working out. Today was a hard day.  Same distance but tried to run faster and try to pass some people.  Didn't do any bodyweight exercises today. I'm thinking of getting in the pool to do some swimming soon. Warm-up 5 minutes walk / fit walk Activity  35 minute, run, about 3.5 / 4 miles Cool-down 12 minutes, Light jog / walk Great workout today. 59 degrees and perfect for running. P.S .Forgot to take Heart Rate during run but I did run harder.  When I remembered, I had already been walking for about a minute or two and HR was at 120bpm. Trying to get into the habit of checking HR and staying within zone.

Freestyle Swim Stroke


Burn Calories Through Physical Activity

by Mike Hupertz The ACSM recommends 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for 5 days per week; or, 20 minutes of more vigorous intensity exercise for 3 days per week. How do I measure whether my activity is moderate intensity exercise vs. vigorous intensity exercise?  Maintain intensity via Target Heart Rate Zone. Moderate Intensity: 50-70% of Max Heart Rate [(220- age)X.50] - [(220-ageX.70] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.5 = 90; 180X.7 = 126 Target Heart Rate Zone for Moderate intensity = 90-126 beats per minute Vigorous Intensity:  70-85% of Max Heart Rate [(220- age)X.70] - [(220-ageX.85] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.7 = 126; 180X.85 = 153 Target Heart Rate Zone for Vigorous intensity = 126-153 beats per minute Another thing to remember in your exercise program is calories! (1 lb of fat = 3500 calories). The website reports that the ACSM recommendation for caloric expenditure from exercise is 1000 calories per week. That equals about 200 calorie

Workout 3

Saturday May 5th Total time 36 minutes, light/moderate day. Light jog along lakefront. A misty, chilly and damp day...mid 50's. Nice day for a jog. Heart Rate Zone = 108-144   Between 60-80% max heart rate = (220-age X .60) - (220-age X .80) Warmup  8 minute walk / brisk walk (fit walk) Activity 23 minutes physical activity. Includes light jog (heart rate within zone @ 130 BPM or 70% of max HR), 2 sets of pushups and 2 sets leg raises to failure. Cool-down 5 minute light jog tapered to a fit walk


Physical Activity Helps Prevent Diabetes   By Mike Hupertz Click for Photo Reference Regular physical activity helps to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and control symptoms for those who have it, according to the CDC .  How much physical activity is required to help reduce your risk of diabetes? The CDC recommends 2 to 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise per week on a regular basis to help reduce your risk of diabetes. The more physical activity done per week the more your risk is reduced.  The same recommendation also applies to help control diabetes in those who already have it. (30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 times per week) Try to participate in some physical activity each day versus one long session per week. What types of physical activity  should I engage in? Brisk / vigorous walking, swimming, dancing, bicycling, hiking, tennis, volleyball, weight/strength training and aerobics are a few. The main thing is to engage in activity that you en

Thank You

Thank You to everyone for reading, subscribing, following and commenting...etc on this blog.

Workout 1

Monday April 30th Warm-up 15 minutes: walk followed by a light jog and then dynamic exercise / stretches: leg swings, lunges, and jumping in place.  Activity   35 minute run along the lakefront, long run.  Added some ployometric jumps today at midpoint of run. Utilized a park bench to jump onto. Also completed some onelegged jumps, aka..skipping.  Cool-down 10 minutes: light jog followed buy walking. Good workout today.  Felt a little sluggish in the beginning but the warm-up period helped to overcome this.  Temp was in the upper 50's, slightly chilly.

Workout 2

Wednesday April 25th Lax in posting this entry. I'm starting to structure my workouts into a new format which includes designated warm-up, activity and cool-down periods. I'm going to try to build upon this in my future workouts.  Total workout time = 33 minutes. This is what I've come up with so far: Warm-up 10 minutes: light jog and dynamic exercise / stretches, (simulated bodyweight routine exercises), shadow boxing (while jogging) and bench push ups Activity 15 minutes bodyweight exercises 1 set upright rows, 1 set pull-ups 2 sets each to failure of chin-ups, triceps press and push-up Cool-down  8 minutes including light jog, dynamic exercise / light stretching, shadow boxing (while jogging) and walking. All in all was a great workout.  Somewhat damp after a rain day...temp in the 50's.  My goal is to add more exercise routines to my warm-up and cool-down periods in the future.


Don't forget to include a proper warm-up / cool-down period in your workout.  The ACSM recommends a 10-15 minute warm-up consisting of activities that increase heart rate and blood flow to working muscles in preparation for exercise. This will help to reduce the risk of injury during exercise / activity training. The ACSM also recommends a 5-10 cool-down period to gradually return the body to a pre-exercise state. This helps to aid in recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

Music to Move to

Sunday Funday!  Enjoy.

Workout 2

Wednesday April 18th Felt much better today. Time to split my routine up into a strength training day and a cardio/endurance day. Today was more of a strength training day utilizing bodyweight exercises. Since yesterday ended up being a "light" day, today was a heavy day. Workout consisted of a 5-6 minute light jog to an outdoor workout area.  After this I did some hill work: 4 reps of backwards up hill and forwards down hill.  Then, I climbed up the side of a soccer goal post and did pull-ups to failure to strengthen uppper body. When done, I practiced headstand / handstand form. Handstand form is getting much better but I still cannot complete a full handstand or handstand push-up without support. But I'm getting close. With my legs supported against a tree or something I am able to do handstand push-ups just not freeform yet.  I also practiced headstand.  The headstand is pretty much a no brainer now. Today I practiced my breathing during the headstand. 


This is a test of the sydicating blog system .   

Workout 3

Friday April 13th Fun day. No formal plan today, just took it light. Split the workout into walk/jog.   In re gards to my research into running mechanics for better performance, I've decided that I'm gonna stick with what works for me and my style.  That is, sport specific training and goal setting. Sure, I want to maintain good form; but, I will also continue to adapt to my running style / technique. For instance, I used to have knee problems due to buying improper fitting shoes for my gait type. (I'm a moderate over-pronator) Once I had my gait analyzed I was able to be fitted with better shoes which corrected the problem .   M y p revious shoe choices were primarily based on specific brand, popularity or color/look. Those did not take into account my specific gait style or foot placement. Thus, I had knee pain and couldn't run far or fast enough to increase my performance. (plus, i was always running on grass) Once I knew how to choose better shoes, my knees sto

Workout 2

Wednesday April 11th Today was a disaster.  We'll call it a fun  I did manage a more moderate day than the previous workout but didn't really stick to the plan.  Tried some new running techniques / mechanics. Aka...forefoot healstrike.  To be honest, it didn't feel more efficient for me at all. Could be that my body is not adapted to this type of running technique.  My shoes are not made for this type of running technique either. (I've had knee trouble in the past from over-pronation and have bought shoes to correct that. (which are heavier in the heal) I have never had knee trouble since I've switched to these more supportive or corrective style shoes.   So I think, at least for now, that I'll stick to my original running style.  I'm not trying to win an olympic race and am comfortable with my running time and speed. Since I'm interested in triathlon, I really need to focus more on swim technique.  Swim has always been my worst of the thre

Workout 1

Monday April 9th 1 hour workout. Kept with the plan to increase my running distance for "Day-1" this week.  Increased distance close to 400 yards (300-400). However, run-time didn't seem to change much (only a minute or two).  I kept looking at my watch thinking I'd have a longer running time and nada...close to same time. Bodyweight portion didn't go quit so smoothly according to plan.  The place where I usually go was occupied so I wasn't able to complete my full routine as usual.  However, I did complete 2 sets of chin-ups, 4 on each set, 2 sets of triceps presses, 12 each set, and 2 sets of push-ups. Pull-ups were skipped but I managed to find an alternate device, a tree trunk, to pull myself up to complete 1 set.   I walked to an open field to practice the handstand.  I tried this without utilizing a tree with primary goal to not move backwards and maintain a stable pose; this worked.  I did not move or walk backwards this time and was able to do a m

Workout 3

Saturday April 7th A light workout today.  Did a light 25 minute jog and some push-ups.  No plan today other than to just get outside for a run. I'm trying to periodize or structure my weekly workouts into 2 or 3 stages or microcycles: heavy, moderate and light days. The plan is to workout 2-3 times per week.  My goal is to maintain 3 weekly workout sessions per week utilizing a structured plan. For instance, next week my goal is to workout at least twice: one heavy day and one light or moderate day. I always have a days of rest between days of activity.  Sometimes, as with this week, two or three or four days of rest between workouts. Today, I didn't do headstand work.  I did however see where I am at physically with the handstand.  I was able to get my feet in the air doing a handstand and to walk bacwards.  However, I didn't have any stability or muscle control at all.  Basically, was walking backwards on hands so I wouldn't fall over.  Next time I will try to d

Park Bench Demo

Outdoor exercise demos using a park bench:   For more info:  


A fun bodyweight workout.  Found this video demonstrating some exercises utilizing gymnastics rings.   For more info: Above photo:

Workout 2

Tuesday April 3rd 55 minute workout (moderate day, no bodyweight exercises); A 35 minute run and 20 minutes of backward running hills and headstands including 2-3 minute rest periods. I am really getting used to the headstand form now.  Can hold the pose closer to 20 seconds (if I count fast).  I completed 2/3 trials.  The second headstand trial was not a full extension but continued with the hill rotations regardless (up running backwards and then down running forward).  All in all was a great workout.  My plan is to be able to perform a handstand and then go for a handstand pushup.  Need more practice and more muscle strength / coordination / stability.

Workout 1

Sunday April 1st Today I completed 50-55 minutes of workout time outdoors.  I forgot to stop my watch. When I caught it my watch read "1 hour" but I was already shopping for groceries at that time. (not included in my workout) So, was about 50-55.  Today I completed a 30 minute run, bodyweight exercises and worked on my headstand.   Th e bodyweight portion consisted of 2 sets each (to failure) of rowing motion exercises, pull-ups, chin-ups and triceps presses. I managed 4.5 chin-ups today on my second set!  I have been struggling to get 3 or 4 so adding an extra chin-up was exciting. A nd, another plus for a Sunday funday workout.  I was able to do a full headstand with legs extended and hold the pose for 10-12 seconds.  Another exciting moment. It was not the Sirsasana pose yet but the pose with the palms of hands and head on ground. I could definitely feel more shoulder activity as well as core to maintain muscular control. Remember that a beginner would want to stren

Workout 2

Thursday March 29th 25 minute run which included about 3 minutes of a backward running stage.  I skipped the bodyweight exercises today and focused on headstand form. I tried the version with my forearms on the ground as shown sirsasana yoga and was still not able to fully extend my legs over my head. The sirsasana position was very wobbly for me and not stable muscular wise. I still need to work on maintaining form as this version seems to require more muscle control and concentration for maintaining the pose or I'm just not used to the position.  However, I was able to extend my legs further when I had the plams of my hands and my head on the ground. This version seemed easier.  So, there is progress.  I'll work up to the sirsasana version. After the headstand practice, I decided to do more backwards running hill work.  I did four sets; backwards up the hill and forwards down the hill.  Took about 10 to fifteen 15 minutes to complete with a rest included between sets.  T

Workout 1

Tuesday March 27th 30 minute jog, bodyweight exercises and backwards-run hill work. Jog portion felt somewhat tired for the start.  I felt better and increased my jog speed after a few minutes of warm-up. I've had a sorehip for the past two days.  As I sit here writing this....the pain is gone and feels much better. The bodyweight portion did not feel as stong today.  I did 10 pull-ups, 5 chin-ups and 2 sets of twelve tricep presses.  After this I did hill work...running backwards. I did 3 rotations: up the hll backwards, down the hill forwards.  This took about 10 minutes. In between rotations I also practiced my headstand.  Harder than I thought. I basically tried the pose utilized in sirsasana yoga. Pic below. However, I was not able to extend my legs all the way.  I did manage a half stand with my knees bent.  Have to work to get to the full extended headstand position.

Workout 2

Friday March 23rd 30 minute run and 15 minutes of bodweight exercises: pullups, chin-ups, triceps press and hanging ab crunhes. Also, 2 sets of push-ups (1 set utilizing more shoulders, feet on bench, and one focusing on chest, regular). Overall was a great workout. Felt great during the run and extended the distance just a little. After a few days rest felt good and somewhat faster.  Also, stronger during the bodyweight portion. I still did 2 sets of each to failure but managed to increase the number of reps or amount I could do till hit failure.  Was cooler today.


I am happy to introduce the following guest post from David Haas, an awarness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.   Thanks David! Exercise Gives You the Strength to Fight Cancer By David Haas M any cancer patients feel they have no control over their bodies after being diagnosed with cancer. Often the hopefulness of treatment can be counteracted by the side effects. Patients with cancer or recovering from cancer can take control of their own fitness with exercise, which can ease the side effects and possibly keep cancer at bay. The National Cancer Institute says that exercise helps cancer patients with their psychological well-being and quality of life, and those with higher levels of exercise post-diagnosis are less likely to have the cancer return and are more likely to survive.* Exercise helps to combat fatigue, sleep disorders, and stress by releasing your body's endorphins which elevate your mood, lower the level of stress hormones, and move your mi

Workout 1

Monday March 19th 50 minute workout.  Today was a light day. Completed a 40 minute light jog with 5 minutes of backward running included (2, 2-minute sets and 1, 1-minute set). I also completed 10 minutes of body-weight exercises: 2 sets to failure of pull-ups, chin-ups and triceps presses. My rep count was on the low side today.  However, I saw a spot where I could attempt to pull myself up with a more rowing type movement to hit the lats and did 2 sets of those (13 reps each)  I tried something different for push-ups today. I've been trying to find a way to put more attention on my shoulders utilizing equipment outdoors...a headstand press is all I can think of right now. Don't think I have the strength for that yet to complete without injury.   So, I created a steep incline by putting my feet on top of a park bench with my hands touching the ground and did push-ups or presses this way. These do work chest but also add more shoulder involvement as well. I could feel mo

Workout 3

Saturday March 17th about an hour workout. 30 minute slow jog and 10 min hill work; focus: quads. I jogged up the hill backwards and felt a burn in my quads once finished.  I did this four times: up the hill backwards and down the hill forewards. Seems to have worked...I can feel a difference.  Then for the remainder of time I did decline push-ups, 3 sets of 12, 2 sets of incline leg lifts and sat in the sun for a few. Just happened to find a small crater in the grass which I was able to utilize for these exercises.  Was warm and able to get some sun and vitamin D.  For this workout I also tried to alter my diet somewhat. I had not been very disciplined with my pre and post workout meals. I wanted to add more protein pre-workout (yogurt/water) and post-workout (almonds / cottage cheese / tuna sandwhich / bananna / oj / romaine salad with balsamic / olive oil vinaigrette) Trying to see if this might help to build/maintain muscle in my legs and or upper body. Also been drinking about

Workout 2

Thursday March 15th A 48 minute workout which consisted of a 40 minute run and 8 minutes of bodyweight exercises.  Did a longer run course today.  Was like 76 degrees and no sooner than 3 minutes into my run the wind shifted off the lake and an instant drop of like 10/15 degrees.  Felt like 45/50 at the lakefront.  My eye glasses were fogging up from my  V ery chilly in my tank top and running shorts.  But, great for running!  Managed a much longer run and felt very comfortable.  Bodyweight exercises didn't go as well since my usual spot was crowded with people.  So, only managed 30 push ups (in two sets this time) and leg raises to faliure.  Great workout today!!  Greenery on the trees and flowers are blooming.  Spring is here.