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Spaceballs - 4th wall

Danny's Game

This type of script frustrates me. One of the better movies and titles I have seen lately. However, I am not a fan of such "con" scheme scripts. The term "con" is adversive and glamorizes criminal behavior and detracts from truth. Are not most employment opportunities a "movie script?" I mean, if A person wants to become a nurse are they born a nurse or does such person have to learn the "lines" of a nurse? The difference here is that this type of script detaches from society in that Danny's "job" to pay off his debt requires taking out a loan or borrowing money from criminal or illegal "loan sharks." Thus, assignes a temporary job or "one time deal" versus a long time career of a nurse working to pay off a house and student loan debt etc.  Overall, a great movie. I would recommend for those individuals still in quarantine. 

IN THE NAVY---VILLAGE PEOPLE, Official Music Video (1979) HD

Cory Wexler Grant and Eric Ladin Interview - Painter

Jurassic World VelociCoaster Front Row On-Ride POV at Universals Islands...

King Kong: Carl And Preston Steal The Film (2005)

Massive Aluminum Anthill Casting #22

Friday the 13th (1980) - Crazy Ralph

The Wizard Of Oz: Toto Got Taken Away And Escapes (1939)