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Join me at the Annual 5K Mustache Dache San Francisco; Sunday November 16th in  Golden Gate   Park !  The event in association with Movemeber raises funds and awareness for men's health including testicular and prostate cancer.  Beer garden, live music and more. Join Team Active when registering and receive $10 off the registration fee!  See you there!


ATTACK BODY FAT THROUGH JOGGING! Jogging is one of the best ways to stay fit.  It is also a very efficient exercise for burning calories.  To estimate the amount of calories burned during a jogging / run session utilize the "Net Calorie" burn formula: “0.63 x (weight lbs) X  total number of miles ran.”  This "net calorie" formula measures calories burned minus basal metabolic rate/metabolism. This is considered the best way to estimate actual calories burned. Example: for a 150 pound male or female jogger who just completed a 5 mile run. The calculation would be: .63 X 150 lbs = 94.50 94.50 X 5 = 472.5 Calories Burned Jogging outdoors will typically burn 5 percent more calories than running indoors.  However, jogging in water burns twice  as many calories per minute as that on land!  Reference: For more information check out the full article here: http://www.r