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"How to dress for cold weather running"   COLD WEATHER WORKOUTS: by Mike Hupertz B.S. Kinesiology, NASM CPT   Just because “it’s cold outside” there is no excuse to abandon your outdoor workout routine.  A few simple alterations will have you enjoying the great outdoors this winter season.  The mayoclinic suggests to dress in layers, protect hands and feet and wear protective eyewear.   In addition, avoid materials that prevent moisture wicking such as cotton. According to section , cotton will absorb water like a sponge.  This prevents insulation and wicking because the air pockets become saturated with water.  It’s better to choose moisture wicking garments that allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin. And, as always, remember to hydrate! Cold Weather Workout Checklist: Layers: Inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. How to layer?  Avoid clothing that absorbs moisture such as cotton. Why? These fabrics absorb moisture and keep t


Did you know that 1 serving (slice, 1oz, 28grms) of Mozzarella cheese contains 80 Calories, 4.8 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein?  Other single servings of cheeses such as Swiss contain 20-30 more calories and 1-5 more grams of fat!!  Choose the lower calorie option of Mozzarella Cheese!!   NUTRIENT INFO: Mozzarella Cheese: 80 calories, 4.8 grams Fat, 8 grams Protein  OTHERS: Cheddar Cheese: 113 Calories 9 grams Fat, 7 grams Protein;  Swiss Cheese: 106 Calories, 8 grams Fat, 8 grams Protein; Muenster cheese: 103 Calories, 8 grams Fat, 8 grams Protein  Reference: USDA


What you didn’t learn in PE class ; By Mike Hupertz; B.S. Kinesiology; NASM CPT I was curious if sex could be counted as a form of exercise or physical activity.  So, I googled “sex as form of exercise” and found some surprising results .  Thus, the information I found seems to support my theory that sex could be counted as form of physical activity or exercise .   On average sex can burn 5 calories per minute, that equals to 300 calories per hour.  And, as with other physical activities the result is better heath.  These benefits include better immune function, youthful appearance and lowering the risk of heart attack. Below are some of the main health benefits I found.   Health Benefits of sex: Boosts Immune function: A stronger immune system, = fewer sick days Helps maintain youth: releases endorphins and human growth hormones Reduces stress and anxiety Helps reduce risk of prostate cancer Lowers the risk of heart attack Acts as a pain reliever: “instea


Could coffee aid better health and help increase longevity?  The following article argues that coffee might just do that.  Information reported in the following article suggests that drinking coffee can aid better health and reduce risk of death. For more info, check out the link: