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September 2011 I visted a friend in West Hollywood, California while unemployed. I enjoyed having breakfast and lunch / chips salsa on my friends balcony in West Hollywood. Often, I would be introduced and welcomed by the neighbors as I was "observing" while eating. I had just completed a PE K-12 Teacher Certification Program. I was unable to gain the student teacing credits but did gain the observation time.  1. Seth Rogen lived across the street: a tall palm tree = visual landmark while jogging in regards to distance 2.  Guy "shooting up" or slamming in a white pick-up truck across the street 3.  Nicknamed: "guy who runs" while jogging along santi monica blvd west hollywood gay neighborhood in my onion skins 4.  Blow job with "permission" on a street corner at night, of which I was a receiver instead of the giver My theory is that my "West Hollywood" experiences were utilized and captured via a "U" Network or a "


  I am a victim of SLAVERY in the USA! It was while under quarentine due to a Positive COVID19 test that I understood how severe it is to DENY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and thus engage in SLAVE LABOR in the USA. Not liking content and thus denying employment as such creating "fear" and unrealistic and ANTI AMERICAN semetism that require such a citizen as myself to ORDER IMMEDIATE MILITARY ASSISTANCE and ORDER our Government Abolished! As, a "government of the people" of which denies and deliberatley denies individuals such as myself opportunities or creates fear and uninclusivenes in regards to "proper" and "improper" employment backgrounds is destructive to such people by denying employment opportunities based on PERSONAL BIASDNESS. Personal beliefs getting in the way of Government threaten a society such as ours. Often, such goes unnoticed until its too late. Think about what shall overcome? Think beyond the norm as well. Personal belief s

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)

My reflections in regards to Federal and State Marijuana Laws. Federal Funded versus Federal Funding. Does a combination of State residencies that include a legal pot state bring a cloud of legality? AKA, I have legal access to Marijuana via my California State Resdidency in the Castro District as reported via the USA Census! That means "the opposite" of federal funding so to speak. Though, I also have a Florida residency where pot is not as legal as it is here in California.  My legal residence is a street corner at 18th and Castro Street, 94114, San Feancisco. I am funding such area via 2020 US Census reporting such address. So, I am proposing a backdoor in regards to the Federal Law regarding pot being legal for such person as one with such residency status? Just a question. I have had to create a W2 with Social Security Administration to report such income and residencies as required to prove legal residency for Voting Amendment and Complying with Real ID laws. Thus, fo

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