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Workout 2

Thursday March 29th 25 minute run which included about 3 minutes of a backward running stage.  I skipped the bodyweight exercises today and focused on headstand form. I tried the version with my forearms on the ground as shown sirsasana yoga and was still not able to fully extend my legs over my head. The sirsasana position was very wobbly for me and not stable muscular wise. I still need to work on maintaining form as this version seems to require more muscle control and concentration for maintaining the pose or I'm just not used to the position.  However, I was able to extend my legs further when I had the plams of my hands and my head on the ground. This version seemed easier.  So, there is progress.  I'll work up to the sirsasana version. After the headstand practice, I decided to do more backwards running hill work.  I did four sets; backwards up the hill and forwards down the hill.  Took about 10 to fifteen 15 minutes to complete with a rest included between sets.  T

Workout 1

Tuesday March 27th 30 minute jog, bodyweight exercises and backwards-run hill work. Jog portion felt somewhat tired for the start.  I felt better and increased my jog speed after a few minutes of warm-up. I've had a sorehip for the past two days.  As I sit here writing this....the pain is gone and feels much better. The bodyweight portion did not feel as stong today.  I did 10 pull-ups, 5 chin-ups and 2 sets of twelve tricep presses.  After this I did hill work...running backwards. I did 3 rotations: up the hll backwards, down the hill forwards.  This took about 10 minutes. In between rotations I also practiced my headstand.  Harder than I thought. I basically tried the pose utilized in sirsasana yoga. Pic below. However, I was not able to extend my legs all the way.  I did manage a half stand with my knees bent.  Have to work to get to the full extended headstand position.

Workout 2

Friday March 23rd 30 minute run and 15 minutes of bodweight exercises: pullups, chin-ups, triceps press and hanging ab crunhes. Also, 2 sets of push-ups (1 set utilizing more shoulders, feet on bench, and one focusing on chest, regular). Overall was a great workout. Felt great during the run and extended the distance just a little. After a few days rest felt good and somewhat faster.  Also, stronger during the bodyweight portion. I still did 2 sets of each to failure but managed to increase the number of reps or amount I could do till hit failure.  Was cooler today.