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Showing posts from July 31, 2011

Workout 3

Saturday August 6 Run and bodyweight exercises.  Not a great day for a workout. Completed it though. Video below for strap chin-ups that I saw on Scott Hermans site.  Looks pretty cool to me and on my list of activities to try next. I don't have straps though or a gym membership so will have to be resourceful. 

Workout 2

Wednesday August 3rd 4 mile run and bodyweight exercises.  Warm up with a few pull-ups on parallel bars. Was able to pull-up and get arms onto top of parallel bars today.  Also, completed 6 reverse pull-ups over top of bar to arm extension.  Not really feeling it today though.  Just managed to complete 2 sets of bicep chin-ups.  Did same amount, 8/9 , but stopped and restarted during the first set...completed second set all 9 at once. Then, did 2 sets of triceps presses on a higher bar, (thigh height).  This felt much better as my shoulder has been sore from the lower shin height bar.  After this completed some incline leg lifts and added a twist.  I'm kind of bored with these leg lifts already and need to search for some new ab exercises.  Not a very good workout...but overall satisfied that I got it done.  Had better workouts the days when I was including more red meat...the past few days have been eating only chicken.  Maybe also need to go earlier.  Total time 1hr 30 minutes

Workout 1

Monday August 1 4 mile run and bodyweight exercises. Completed 3 reverse pull-ups to arm extensions, 2 sets of bicep curls for a total of 18...8/9, 2 sets of incline leg lifts, 2 sets of tricep presses and 1 set of push-ups.  Had a great workout abdominal wise...was really able to focus on thinking /  feeling my abs today. Thought: need to split routine and do strength on it's own day and cardio on it's own day.  Thinking that I could increase my running distance and then add a day of strength training for a total of 4 workout days per week.  Or, 2 days running / cardio and 1 day of strength training...ride bike to outdoor workout station. I'd like to increase my running distance to 5 or 6 miles.