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I am happy to introduce the following guest post from David Haas, an awarness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.   Thanks David! Exercise Gives You the Strength to Fight Cancer By David Haas M any cancer patients feel they have no control over their bodies after being diagnosed with cancer. Often the hopefulness of treatment can be counteracted by the side effects. Patients with cancer or recovering from cancer can take control of their own fitness with exercise, which can ease the side effects and possibly keep cancer at bay. The National Cancer Institute says that exercise helps cancer patients with their psychological well-being and quality of life, and those with higher levels of exercise post-diagnosis are less likely to have the cancer return and are more likely to survive.* Exercise helps to combat fatigue, sleep disorders, and stress by releasing your body's endorphins which elevate your mood, lower the level of stress hormones, and move your mi

Workout 1

Monday March 19th 50 minute workout.  Today was a light day. Completed a 40 minute light jog with 5 minutes of backward running included (2, 2-minute sets and 1, 1-minute set). I also completed 10 minutes of body-weight exercises: 2 sets to failure of pull-ups, chin-ups and triceps presses. My rep count was on the low side today.  However, I saw a spot where I could attempt to pull myself up with a more rowing type movement to hit the lats and did 2 sets of those (13 reps each)  I tried something different for push-ups today. I've been trying to find a way to put more attention on my shoulders utilizing equipment outdoors...a headstand press is all I can think of right now. Don't think I have the strength for that yet to complete without injury.   So, I created a steep incline by putting my feet on top of a park bench with my hands touching the ground and did push-ups or presses this way. These do work chest but also add more shoulder involvement as well. I could feel mo