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Workout 3

Saturday July 14th 1 hour 28 minute workout along lakefront. 7 minute walk/warmup, 1 hour 10 minutes of activity: jog/walking, stair hops, pull-ups and an 11 minute cooldown/walk home. Walked more than I would have liked today but did get some sun. Tried some stair squat hops today on the giant stairs by Belmont Harbor and the Lakefront. Completed 3 intervals of squat hops / jogging / walking.  Stairs were wide enough to lay on and about knee height. Here's an example:

Workout 1

Sunday July 8th 1 hour workout along the lakefront. Perfect weather for a workout today. Managed a 7 minute warm-up and cool-down along with 45 minutes of activity. Today I focused on jogging without stopping and included some bodyweight exercises. I was able to run farther today than my prior workout without stopping. New goal is to complete a continuous run without stopping. To do this next time I'll need to bring a water bottle with me so I'm not tempted to stop at one of the water fountains.  Goal is to go 2-5 minutes farther without stopping than I have recently.  Warm-up: 7 minute walk Activity: 45 minute jog and 20 push-ups at the end of run.  Cooldown: 7 minute walk