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Workout 2

Wednesday July 27 Completed 4 mile run; my longer run today.  Did a few pull-ups on the overhead parallel bars for a warm - up...then stretched upper-body.  Then tried the pull-up to arm extension again...did two of those this time...kind of choppy but got two done.  After doing this my arms felt really good / strong and was able to increase my chin-ups. Did 2 sets of 9 chin-ups for a total of 18...each set was to complete failure. Previous was between 12 -15.  Then, completed 2 sets of triceps presses to failure 16/14, a few incline leg lifts (not really feeling abs today) and finished off with low parallel bar dips and a hand walk across and back again. (using hands only and feet off ground)  I tried another new exercise that I saw on Marcus Bondi's Youtube page.  I'll post below but was only able to support myself up with my knees bent.  This takes a lot of abdominal / core and upper body strength; kudos to this guy.  I'll have to keep working on goal to compl

Workout 1

Monday July 25 Ran to the lakefront ~4 miles. Did bodyweight routine.  Tried some different pull-up exercises today. Tried to pull-myself up, under and then over the top of pull-up bar.  I basically did a pull-up but on the pull-up phase I did a pike position.  Then, I kicked my legs forward & up over the pull-up bar until the bar was at my waist.  Finally, I swung myself around on top of the bar and extended my arms.  Took a few tries but I finally got it. Check it out in link below.  New goal : to pull-up and extend arms above the bar...i.e...pull-up until the bar is waist-height.  So far, can do just shoulder-height.  Still have some work to do.  Followed this with 2 sets of chin-ups to failure, 2 sets of triceps to failure, incline leg lifts to failure, and some jumps onto a park bench for fun.  Pretty good workout...a later one and feeling kinda sluggish and not really wanting to workout today. Biceps feel pumped and more toned. Total workout time = 1hr:24min. Here's a