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Workout 1: Bodyweight and Backwards Running

Tuesday December 11  A 1.5 mile jog/run and bodyweight exercises at park. I walked about 5 minutes for a warm-up and 5 minutes for a cool-down. During the beginning of my run, I decided to include some bodyweight exercises.  I did 2 sets or each exercise to failure.  I'm including the number in which in took to get to failure to compare in the future.   2 sets of each exercise to failure Incline Leg Lifts: Set 1=15 reps on low incline, Set 2=5 reps on the higher or middle incline. (at park) Push-ups: Set 1=20, Set 2=22 (flat ground) At the end of my run I decided to do backwards running for about 2 minutes, in 1 minute intervals.  Why run backwards?  I like to include backward running to help balance / coordination and muscle control.  I also like the cardiovascular benefits and how my legs feel afterwards .  My  philosophy to do backward running at the end of my workout is similar to that of a burnout set in weight lifting...if that makes sense. For more information c