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Training Journal 2011

January - July 2011

GOAL  = Increase fitness level; Building endurance focusing on time: 1 hour of workout time, strenghten knee, quit smoking. Ultimately, get into triathlon / endurance event shape again, look and feel better for 40th in December.

No data recorded. Started around week two with fitness walking and light jogging.
Monday February 7th
Final day of smoking
Thought: Cutting out/replacing gluten items in diet. **
Exercise: 47 minutes (out-doors) in 29 degree temp. Fit walk-17 minutes/light jog-30 minutes.
Wednesday February 9th 3rd day not smoking. Thought: brrr. Chilly; Knee aching….not tight today.
Exercise: 41 minutes (outdoors) in 8 degree temp. Fit walk-11 minutes/light jog-30 minutes
Saturday February 12th (note the lacking reference to not smoking)
Exercise: 47 minutes (outdoors) in 37 degree temp. Fit walk-10 minutes/light jog-37 minutes
Knee ach. 25 push-ups and 10 alternating one arm push-ups. Sit-ups/crunches.
Monday February 14th Exercise: 49 minutes (outdoors) in 40 degree temp. Fit walk-12 minutes/light jog-37 minutes about 4 miles. Plyometrics: skipping/high knee forward and backward at end. Knee ach. Burned ~ 480 calories plus ~ 180 calories for fit walk. TOTAL = 660.
Estimating calories burned during a run session (TREADMILL) “0.75 x (weight lbs). Then multiply this total times the number of miles ran.” Consume 40-60% of this in calories 15-45 minutes after.
Watched this video about post-exercise refueling by 6 time Ironman Champion Dave Scott:

Calorie calculator for activities based on time spent and body weight
**Note on gluten free diet. After further research I have concluded that this type of diet is primarily for people who are gluten intolerant…i.e. chrons disease…etc. Since my excrements are still brown and solid…lol…I am continuing to eat pasta! However, I’ve added more raw fruits and vegetables and a daily serving of plain yogurt with added frozen blueberries and alternate between artificial sweetener / sugar. I actually feel much better the day after pasta. (rainbow rotini)
Wednesday February 16th Exercise: 49 minutes (outdoors) in 43 degree temp, warmer feeling in sun. Fit walk-12 minutes/light jog-37 minutes about 4 miles. Plyometrics: skipping/high knee forward and backward at end. Knee not tight today. Burned ~ 480 calories plus ~ 180 calories for fit walk. TOTAL = 660.
Saturday February 19th 49 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 12 min fit walk 37 minute jog/walk. Knee slightly tight (back) No more internet connection.
Monday February 21st 49 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 13 min fit walk 36 minute jog/walk.
Wednesday February 23rd 49 minute Fit walk/jog. Crappy day, worst workout yet. Finished workout though, walked some. Knee same, less tight feeling, probably from walking. All-round terrible workout.
Saturday February 26th 52 minute Fit walk/jog. 12 minute walk 40 minute jog/walking.
Monday February 28th 51 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 13 min fit walk 38 minute jog/walk.
MARCH: During the month of March I was in the process of packing for a move. I continued to workout but was somewhat lax in my journal. I continued to workout though not as in detail with my journal entries.
Wednesday March 2nd 50 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 12 min fit walk 38 min jog/walk.
Saturday March 5th 50 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. Snow/ice falling. 13 min fit walk 37 minute jog/walk.
Monday March 7th 40 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 35 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Wednesday March 9th 41 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 36 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Saturday March 12th 41 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 36 minute jog/walk nonstop
Monday March 14th 40 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 35 minute jog/walk nonstop*.
Wednesday March 16 41 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 36 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Saturday March 19th 45 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 40 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Monday March 21st 47 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 42 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Wednesday March 23rd 50 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 45 minute jog/walk nonstop.
Saturday March 26th 55 minute outdoor Fit walk/jog. 5 min fit walk 50 minute jog/walk nonstop
Monday March 28th Moved, no workout

Wednesday March 30th No workout
Friday April 1st 60 minute workout. 10 minute walk / warm-up. 50 minute jog/run.
Monday April 4th47 minute workout. 10 minute walk / warm-up. 37 minute jog/run. Nice run. Felt somewhat tired though.
Wednesday April 6th 54 minute workout. 6 minute walk / warm-up. 48 minute jog/run. Ran farther today. Up large hill and then back. Stressful running past geese and deer within 10 feet or less away wondering if I am going to be attacked or eaten. Kind of tired in the beginning, felt better and faster at the end
April - June: Lax in my journal entries again but I continued to workout jogging/running and doing body weight exercises. At end of June total 1 hour and 20 minutes of workout time. This included jogging to park facility….Cardio. Then, a workout utilizing the pull-ups, push-ups, and abdominal stations. Doing pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, incline leg raises, triceps press. Then, jog back home. Workout time totaled 1 hour and 20 minutes. This was done at least 2 times per week. Some weeks averaged 3 workouts and some only did 1 workout. Took a couple weeks vacation. Tried to maintain at least one workout during the week in vacation. Fit into 29” waist jeans again!!!

Also during this time am feeling better physically. Meaning, lung function seems to be slowly getting better from not smoking for three months and continued exercise. No cigarettes since end of March. Now tan and have lightened hair with hydrogen peroxide.

Also have been utilizing Scott Herman's YouTube Fitness page for more exercise ideas. A great inspiration, teacher and motivator! I tried some of his body weight ab exercises...tough! I was skeptical but actually felt and saw a difference. Here's a link to his YouTube site:

ROUND 2 - GOAL: continue to build upon endurance by lengthening runs.  Build upper body strength and size focusing on biceps / triceps bodyweight centered activities. Maintain workouts 2-3 times / week.   

FOCUS: Build arms and cardio ability 1hr:30min of time

Friday June 24th-Monday June 27th Attended Chicago gay/lesbian pride parade and festivities with friends. No workouts.

Since I am focusing on building my arms, I am doing my arm routine and tricep presses...before I do my chest routine / push-ups. Chest is now my last exercise.
Wednesday June 29th Jog to lakefront. First I did Bicep curls on the chin-up bar. 2 sets. 6 in the first set and 2-3 in the second. Then, triceps presses to failure 2 sets. Then, push-ups - 2 sets of 10. Then, leg raises on the incline 2 sets of 10.
Thursday June 30 45 minute bike ride along the lakefront. Went fast and low gear.
Saturday July 2 Went for a run/jog on lakefront to park. Not really feeling well...kinda of sluggish today but managed to complete my rountine. Did chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, skipped abs and ran back.
Monday July 4 Ran to park at lakefront. Completed my routine and added some step-ups onto park bench, alternating starting leg each time.
Wednesday July 6 Jog to lakefront and completed my routine. A 16 minute run time to get there...had been 26 minutes in the past. Somewhat sckewed though because I think I started my watch later....ooops. But, still would be only like 3-4 minutes. Basically, about 5-6 minutes faster today.
Saturday July 9 Same thing...16 minute run to lakefront and then an easy routine today. Feeling kind of fatigued and gonna rest more and eat some pasta. Had whole wheat pasta and chicken for dinner.
Monday July 11 Run to lakefront...not a great day at all! Walked most of the way there and most of the way back. Did not feel like working out today at all. But, I told myself I would at least go for a walk if that was all I did. No order to my routine today...just did a few chin-ups, pull-ups and some abs and step-ups and then jogged...well...walked back...hehe. ;-) Whole wheat pasta, broccolli and chicken for dinner...corn flakes with milk for a snack.
Wednesday July 13 Jog to lakefront and complete exercise routine. Feel much better today!! Yay...After months of working, I am finally able to pull myself up and over on the high parallel bars. Getting down though needs more Think I bruised my under arms (triceps) attempting to dismount. Total workout time = 1hour and 27minutes.
Monday July 18 Ran to Lakefront and did bodyweight exercises on the outdoor equipment stations. Temp was 90 degrees and humid. Focus is on building arm strength so started with 2 sets of 7 chin-ups, pull-ups and leg raises. Then, did only 20 push-ups....2-sets of 10. Felt good today....kind of sluggish with the humidity though managed. No water anywhere to drink??!! Have to remember my water bottle next time. Overall a pleasing workout under weather conditions.
Wednesday July 20 Ran to lakefront (long run), did bodyweight routine. Pull-ups up/over high bar, 2 sets of chin-ups 8/7, 2 sets of triceps press 16/16, 2 sets of push-ups 20/10, and ran back. 87 degrees heat / humid and brought water-bottle; refilled twice. Felt great, somewhat harder to breath with the humidity but managed to complete workout. Total time 1 hour and 28 minutes, 1:28.06.

NOTE: Beginning with July 23rd workout, all future journal posts are being documented in a seperate post, week by week.  Please check the archives for any addional posts.


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