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Workout 2: Pose Running Practice

Thursday May 10th Late run today; dark out.  Was nice to be outside on the path with noone else running; just an occasional bicyclist or dog walker.  All in all was a nice and short workout. Failed to time it though. I started my watch but didn't really keep time. I'm assuming by this stage that since I begin and end the activity portion at the same point (regardless of distance) that the time spent in warm-up / cool-down period is close to the time spent for these periods in prior workouts. Activity run portion is then estimated around 10-15 minutes with an additonal 5 minutes of activities.  Warm-up: walk/fit walk Activity: short run practicing pose running form, handstand push-ups againts a post, 20 seconds in headstand pose practicing to control breathing. Cool-down: walk Been studying running techniques to improve my form, time and efficiency. I am really liking the Pose Running technique. This technique seems more economically efficient, thus, conserving ene

Open Water Swim Tips From Dave Scott

Backward Running Demo

Try this out for something different!

Workout 1

Monday May 7th Went for a run along the lakefront path.  Getting warmer and lots more motivation with other people working out. Today was a hard day.  Same distance but tried to run faster and try to pass some people.  Didn't do any bodyweight exercises today. I'm thinking of getting in the pool to do some swimming soon. Warm-up 5 minutes walk / fit walk Activity  35 minute, run, about 3.5 / 4 miles Cool-down 12 minutes, Light jog / walk Great workout today. 59 degrees and perfect for running. P.S .Forgot to take Heart Rate during run but I did run harder.  When I remembered, I had already been walking for about a minute or two and HR was at 120bpm. Trying to get into the habit of checking HR and staying within zone.

Freestyle Swim Stroke


Burn Calories Through Physical Activity

by Mike Hupertz The ACSM recommends 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for 5 days per week; or, 20 minutes of more vigorous intensity exercise for 3 days per week. How do I measure whether my activity is moderate intensity exercise vs. vigorous intensity exercise?  Maintain intensity via Target Heart Rate Zone. Moderate Intensity: 50-70% of Max Heart Rate [(220- age)X.50] - [(220-ageX.70] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.5 = 90; 180X.7 = 126 Target Heart Rate Zone for Moderate intensity = 90-126 beats per minute Vigorous Intensity:  70-85% of Max Heart Rate [(220- age)X.70] - [(220-ageX.85] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.7 = 126; 180X.85 = 153 Target Heart Rate Zone for Vigorous intensity = 126-153 beats per minute Another thing to remember in your exercise program is calories! (1 lb of fat = 3500 calories). The website reports that the ACSM recommendation for caloric expenditure from exercise is 1000 calories per week. That equals about 200 calorie