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Showing posts from May 13, 2012

Workout 2

Friday May 17th 43 minute workout. About a 3-4 mile run/walk.  A 7 minute warm up followed by 33 minutes of running/walking followed by a cool-down, walking, for the remaining 10 minutes.  Great day.  Tried to do some push-ups but wasn't really in the mood so only got a few in but as the saying goes..."something is better than nothing."  Also, tried to take my heart rate as well but couldn't get a good reading. I usually, when working out, count beats for 6 seconds from the neck and then just add a zero.  Result was approximately 140-150 plus or minus a few.  I was having technical difficulties with my counting Still within my target heart rate range. (70-80%x 220-age)

My Favorite Superhero

Multi-faceted superhero with the ability to transform for many occasions including running, swimming and motor-bike. Other powers include: deflecting bullets, superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance, lasso of truth and the list goes on.....

Workout 1

Tuesday May 15th A late and very light run today.  10 minutes total including the warm-up portion.  Started to thunder / lightning and so turned around back home.  Very warm today in the 70's. Warm-up Walk Activity 8 min jog/run, about 1 mile Cool-down Walk