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Sunday September 16th Went hiking / rock climbing. This exercise promotes kinesthetic mind/body awareness, and can boost self confidence as well as balance / coordination. Also, incorporates the upper and lower body muscles (core) and cardiovascular systems. Excellent outdoor fitness workout.   However, I would recommend prior fitness training before embarking on a hiking / rock climbing adventure to prepare and/or strengthen your muscles and body for such an activity in order to avoid injury.

Nutrition Tips

Benefits Unprocessed Foods: Provide greater nutritional value  Help to reduce cost at grocery store Help maintain better portion control Less preservatives / additives Promote better overall health and well being Check out these links for more information about the benefits of unprocessed / natural foods. Links Raw Food Diet info:


Day 1 Sunday September 9 Weight training with light weights focusing on shoulders and Nero-muscular balance Day 2 Monday September 10 Reservoir Jog / walk intervals around a Reservoir...with hills Day 3 Thursday September 11 2 short workouts; morning and evening. Jog / walk intervals.  Walk some and then jog/run some.  No structure to the plan just running and walking whenever.  Goal is to build more structure into this workout plan utilizing timed intervals, counts an/or landmarks.