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USA Little britain i wanna see u poop

Batman & Robin


Michael Buble & Barbra Streisand "It Had To Be You"

VHS: Viral (2014) - S.W.A.T. Team vs. Magician Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

Top 10 Places To Visit In The UK

Seinfeld - Jerry Shaves His Chest

William Tell Overture Finale: backwards = 21810?

21810? or 1812? "...better off down here..." time after time?

Will you two shut up: football announcers

All I Want For Christmas - HMS OCEAN

Robin Hood (2018) - Treasure Heist Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

Seinfeld - The "MASSAGE"

This why I love being massaged by a computerized chair or bed at Planet Fitness!! Planet Fitnsss has "Hydro Massage" and Massage Chairs to relax and ease comfort. I though do not choose or have a "fantasy" for a secret encounter with a massage therapist or a computer. I was taught to take care of myself properly. Though, noticing the second po a to highlight George Costanza there might be some hidden attraction I never knew about way back when.....?? "the opposite" The below video highlights "Pre-covid19 policies and procedures at Planet Fitness! Now all the sign-in requirements are automated and regulated. Gone away is the unlimited "coin use." Now the time is set by the planet fitness associate trained to help. Most locations due ask and/or require guests to CLEAN UP after themselves. This still the requirement as the BLACK CARD MEMBERSHIP does not include payment nor office duties for SLAVES or those whose job requirements are to clea