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Showing posts from December 25, 2011

Workout 1

Thursday December 29th 30 minute run. 1 set of pull-ups, bicep chin-ups, and hanging ab crunches to failure. Finished off with 1 set of push-ups to failure...about 20. Took a few days off to rest up.  This helped a great deal for the run.  I felt great and did not stop at all.  However, the strength part suffered.  It took much less to hit fatigue during the bodyweight portion.  All in all though was a great workout.  I felt much better today than the previous workout.  

Workout 3

Friday December 23rd 28 minute run. 1 set of chin-ups, pull-ups and only like 2 push-ups and was  Rainy, cold and windy. Felt ill and fatigued like a brick. went very slow and walked some. Did not do full distance. Maintained workout time.