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Workout 2

Wednesday April 18th Felt much better today. Time to split my routine up into a strength training day and a cardio/endurance day. Today was more of a strength training day utilizing bodyweight exercises. Since yesterday ended up being a "light" day, today was a heavy day. Workout consisted of a 5-6 minute light jog to an outdoor workout area.  After this I did some hill work: 4 reps of backwards up hill and forwards down hill.  Then, I climbed up the side of a soccer goal post and did pull-ups to failure to strengthen uppper body. When done, I practiced headstand / handstand form. Handstand form is getting much better but I still cannot complete a full handstand or handstand push-up without support. But I'm getting close. With my legs supported against a tree or something I am able to do handstand push-ups just not freeform yet.  I also practiced headstand.  The headstand is pretty much a no brainer now. Today I practiced my breathing during the headstand. 


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