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Showing posts from October 16, 2011

Workout 1

Tuesday October 18th 30 minute light run.  Then, made a mini obstacle course consisting of a couple thick 2X4'ish pieces of wood and two 20lb weights; to work on balance and control. Started walking the "beam" jumping from one piece of wood to the other (one was wider). Tried to land on one leg and then do a squat without falling off.  Did equal amount for both legs.   When done, I took the 20lb weights and held one in each hand and did 2 sets of 10 reps: shoulder presses, combined with squats, bicep curls and tricep presses.  Tried some one legged deadlifts on the wood beam as well.  All in all, happy with this workout. I really miss the workout stations and curl bars but this will work for now. Was chilly, windy and wet.