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Al Blackstone's "Not For Me" (Fire Island Dance Festival 2015)

  Am I selling pot? I am curious if this is advertising for such and a way to sell? Where is my payment? Does the market insist to hurt my constitutional rights and think they will get away without paying me? I am homeless, denied income and denied opportunity by this market and subsequent markets. Why? Why do they capitalize and continue to hurt me by denying my constitutional rights? Is such denial a capital offense?  I wish not to participate in such a society that promotes slavery as such my work without payment is defined!!!! What is capital punishment and when was it reenacted? I recently came very close to death via a blood clot in my arm in protest of markets and USA denying me income and forcing slavery upon and onto me. Maybe, I should not have taken the bloodthinners? You should really reconsider nonpayment to me and switch to an offer of employment with housing and payment!!!  I will force capital punishment onto you as a thank you for your forceful slavery!

"TFT Water - Just how much is enough?"

Hopefully, one strips down naked inside versus outside in the heat and thus generating a citation for public indecency. To monitor hydration I tend to utilize urine color as an indicator of water intake. If, urine is dark as in the color of ice tea that is a sign of dehydration. On the flip side, if urine is brighter as in the color of lemonade or lemon juice that is a sign of proper hydration. -