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Showing posts from March 11, 2012

Workout 3

Saturday March 17th about an hour workout. 30 minute slow jog and 10 min hill work; focus: quads. I jogged up the hill backwards and felt a burn in my quads once finished.  I did this four times: up the hill backwards and down the hill forewards. Seems to have worked...I can feel a difference.  Then for the remainder of time I did decline push-ups, 3 sets of 12, 2 sets of incline leg lifts and sat in the sun for a few. Just happened to find a small crater in the grass which I was able to utilize for these exercises.  Was warm and able to get some sun and vitamin D.  For this workout I also tried to alter my diet somewhat. I had not been very disciplined with my pre and post workout meals. I wanted to add more protein pre-workout (yogurt/water) and post-workout (almonds / cottage cheese / tuna sandwhich / bananna / oj / romaine salad with balsamic / olive oil vinaigrette) Trying to see if this might help to build/maintain muscle in my legs and or upper body. Also been drinking about

Workout 2

Thursday March 15th A 48 minute workout which consisted of a 40 minute run and 8 minutes of bodyweight exercises.  Did a longer run course today.  Was like 76 degrees and no sooner than 3 minutes into my run the wind shifted off the lake and an instant drop of like 10/15 degrees.  Felt like 45/50 at the lakefront.  My eye glasses were fogging up from my  V ery chilly in my tank top and running shorts.  But, great for running!  Managed a much longer run and felt very comfortable.  Bodyweight exercises didn't go as well since my usual spot was crowded with people.  So, only managed 30 push ups (in two sets this time) and leg raises to faliure.  Great workout today!!  Greenery on the trees and flowers are blooming.  Spring is here.  

Workout 1

Tuesday March 13th Forgot to post on Tuesday so I am posting today.  Had a 40 minute workout which consisted of 30 minute run and 10 minutes of bodyweight exercises.  Lots of people out and about as it is getting warmer and lighter now at 5pm. I skipped the upper body arm routine today and switched to 3 sets of 10 push-ups.  I also, ran up and back down a huge hill. Plus, two minutes of step ups on park bench. Nice workout today. Lots of motivation with more people exercising outdoors along the bike path...running, biking, walking etc.  Always nice to see people who value exercise / physical activity.