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Workout 2

Wednesday April 25th Lax in posting this entry. I'm starting to structure my workouts into a new format which includes designated warm-up, activity and cool-down periods. I'm going to try to build upon this in my future workouts.  Total workout time = 33 minutes. This is what I've come up with so far: Warm-up 10 minutes: light jog and dynamic exercise / stretches, (simulated bodyweight routine exercises), shadow boxing (while jogging) and bench push ups Activity 15 minutes bodyweight exercises 1 set upright rows, 1 set pull-ups 2 sets each to failure of chin-ups, triceps press and push-up Cool-down  8 minutes including light jog, dynamic exercise / light stretching, shadow boxing (while jogging) and walking. All in all was a great workout.  Somewhat damp after a rain day...temp in the 50's.  My goal is to add more exercise routines to my warm-up and cool-down periods in the future.


Don't forget to include a proper warm-up / cool-down period in your workout.  The ACSM recommends a 10-15 minute warm-up consisting of activities that increase heart rate and blood flow to working muscles in preparation for exercise. This will help to reduce the risk of injury during exercise / activity training. The ACSM also recommends a 5-10 cool-down period to gradually return the body to a pre-exercise state. This helps to aid in recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

Music to Move to

Sunday Funday!  Enjoy.