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Wonder Woman - "My Teenage Idol Is Missing" - Cape Scene

PHILOSOPHICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS This scene represents the solution to the Rubics Cube: taking the cube apart and putting it back together. In support of this statement take a look at the  trash can. To me the trash can represents throwing something out or to discard of something. As I peer at the writing on the trash can I can see the words  "system disposal." Then, after the  character in this scene transforms from one disguise to another via a "superpower," a golden rope representing truth is thrown atop a building in which this character pulls themselves up to the top.  What does this all mean? What is the symbolism in the accessories? To me, in a nutshell means a job and/or work!  One job in which I received after completing a "job spell." And it is apparent that it is a spell that nor I or anyone else can undue. 






Street Police

Bates Motel - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson