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Workout 3

Saturday April 7th A light workout today.  Did a light 25 minute jog and some push-ups.  No plan today other than to just get outside for a run. I'm trying to periodize or structure my weekly workouts into 2 or 3 stages or microcycles: heavy, moderate and light days. The plan is to workout 2-3 times per week.  My goal is to maintain 3 weekly workout sessions per week utilizing a structured plan. For instance, next week my goal is to workout at least twice: one heavy day and one light or moderate day. I always have a days of rest between days of activity.  Sometimes, as with this week, two or three or four days of rest between workouts. Today, I didn't do headstand work.  I did however see where I am at physically with the handstand.  I was able to get my feet in the air doing a handstand and to walk bacwards.  However, I didn't have any stability or muscle control at all.  Basically, was walking backwards on hands so I wouldn't fall over.  Next time I will try to d

Park Bench Demo

Outdoor exercise demos using a park bench:   For more info:  


A fun bodyweight workout.  Found this video demonstrating some exercises utilizing gymnastics rings.   For more info: Above photo:

Workout 2

Tuesday April 3rd 55 minute workout (moderate day, no bodyweight exercises); A 35 minute run and 20 minutes of backward running hills and headstands including 2-3 minute rest periods. I am really getting used to the headstand form now.  Can hold the pose closer to 20 seconds (if I count fast).  I completed 2/3 trials.  The second headstand trial was not a full extension but continued with the hill rotations regardless (up running backwards and then down running forward).  All in all was a great workout.  My plan is to be able to perform a handstand and then go for a handstand pushup.  Need more practice and more muscle strength / coordination / stability.

Workout 1

Sunday April 1st Today I completed 50-55 minutes of workout time outdoors.  I forgot to stop my watch. When I caught it my watch read "1 hour" but I was already shopping for groceries at that time. (not included in my workout) So, was about 50-55.  Today I completed a 30 minute run, bodyweight exercises and worked on my headstand.   Th e bodyweight portion consisted of 2 sets each (to failure) of rowing motion exercises, pull-ups, chin-ups and triceps presses. I managed 4.5 chin-ups today on my second set!  I have been struggling to get 3 or 4 so adding an extra chin-up was exciting. A nd, another plus for a Sunday funday workout.  I was able to do a full headstand with legs extended and hold the pose for 10-12 seconds.  Another exciting moment. It was not the Sirsasana pose yet but the pose with the palms of hands and head on ground. I could definitely feel more shoulder activity as well as core to maintain muscular control. Remember that a beginner would want to stren