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Showing posts from October 9, 2011

Workout 1

Monday October 10th,  50 minute run, 1 set of push-ups to failure and 1 set of duck and dodge. Great workout.  Felt a little tired or heavy during the run.  Ran on flat land today and could really feel the effect from the canyon / hill hike training.  Felt much stronger cardiovascular wise. 71 degrees...evening run.


Monday 10/3:   4 mile run;  kind of sluggish today with heavy legs. Thursday 10/6: 1 hour and 30 minute hike Friday 10/7: 4 mile run with bodyweight exercises.  2 sets each of pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps presses, dips, and push-ups.  Also, did some bicep curls on the gymnastics rings.   Weight is down to 153.8 lbs.  11/12 pound loss since January of 2011 when weighed 165.