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Special Investigations Graduate Course: 20 Questions


ARTICLE REVIEW 1 Michael Hupertz Special Investigations 21SP HHPR 806-81 - Pittstate University

8 Coaching Techniques Great Trainers Use to Help Their Clients Succeed |   thePTDC | Coaching Skills | The PTDC | by Travis Pollen reviewed by Michael Hupertz for Pittstate University Online MS Health and Human Performance I am reviewing the article titled “8 Coaching Techniques Great Trainers Use to Help Their Clients Succeed,” by Travis Pollen. The article was chosen after a google search for “teaching strategies personal training.” This was the top article in the search results.  My primary motive was to find teaching strategies that would be useful for educating a client about health, fitness and physical activity. However, I did not find that. What I found was Travis Pollen’s article based on primitive personal training practices of which create a negative attitude toward physical fitness and thus deter the larger population from engaging in physical activity. What does “perfect reps” or proper form have to do with physical activity and physical fitness?  Proper form or “perfect