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Why would the USA decide that less people paying into our system is better than more people?  I mean, lets say that there are 10 people paying income taxes 1 is a legal resident and 9 are illegal immigrants.  All, 10 are working in the USA and Paying USA State, Federal and local income taxes. Lets also say that of the 10 working people the 9 illegal immigrants were bringing in MORE income per person that the 1 American Citizen.  The 1 American Citizen was also on government / public assistance because of low paying work as an educator for the other 9 illegal immigrants! So, the USA decides to deport the 9 illegal immigrants.  Thus, the funding for the 1 American Citizen whose an educator on public assistance will decrease? Then, what would happen to the government salaries of the elected officials and public educators aka civil servants?  QUESTION: Would there be enough funding from tax payer dollars to fund the necessary public assistance programs?  USA Trump administration


I hope the "Feds" understand what "time-period" they are in?  I would sure hope current events are not past or former events being replayed for ha ha?! PLEASE, do what your duties are paying you to do and nothing else! Don't sue your BOSS! DOES THIS FLAG MEAN THE OPPOSITE? OR DOES THE NUMBER 13 MEAN EXACTLY WHAT IT SHOULD? IF it were the opposite as our current administration prefers it (but won't have it anymore that way!) then it would be opposite for the British 13 colonies! After all, VIKINGS were here long before the British!! AND? Or, do the FEDS prefer this flag? Either way, you lose trump'll lose because the current administration is actually who? But, you all don't need to tell me that do you! I will be the first to tell you what the opposite of this flag means? Turn it upside down or backwards! Now what does that mean? Means, to me, you'll stand no chance whatsoever! Good luck to trum