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Showing posts from July 17, 2011

Workout 3

Saturday July 23   1 hour Bike ride (~11.5 miles) plus 15 minutes of upper-body strength exercise. Tried something called "duck and dodge" near the end of my bike ride.  I saw this on Scott Herman's YouTube page. (check out below) This exercise looks easier than it is. Wow! Also added about 20 step - ups onto park bench and 30 regular push-ups, 2 sets of 15 each, at the end of my routine.  Overall, a great workout.  Temperature about mid 80's and lower humidity. Here's the link to check the "duck and dodge."

Workout 2

Wednesday July 20 Ran to lakefront (long run), did bodyweight routine. Pull-ups up/over high bar, 2 sets of chin-ups 8/7, 2 sets of triceps press 16/16, 2 sets of push-ups 20/10,  and ran back.  87 degrees heat / humid and brought water-bottle; refilled twice. Felt great, somewhat harder to breath with the humidity but managed to complete workout. Total time 1 hour and 28 minutes, 1:28.06.

Workout 1

Monday July 18 Ran to Lakefront and did bodyweight exercises on the outdoor equipment stations. Temp was 90 degrees and humid. Focus is on building bicep strength so started with 2 sets of 7 chin-ups, pull-ups and leg raises. Then, did only 20 push-ups....2-sets of 10. Felt good today....kind of sluggish with the humidity but managed. No water anywhere to drink??!! Have to remember my water bottle next time. Overall a pleasing workout under weather conditions.