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Showing posts from August 21, 2011

Workout 3

Saturday August 27th Over 1 hour bike ride today ~ (1:20).  Did bodyweight exercises: pull-ups, chinups, tricep presses, leg lifts and dips.  2 sets of each till failure.  Great workout today!  Weather was nice too....mid 70's and no humidity. Total workout time = 2 hours.

Weight Loss

LOST 6LBS Well, weighed myself yesterday and have lost 6 lbs!!  December I was at 162, March I was at 160, August I am at 156!!!! Yahoo, for a 39 year old male! Not only that, I can also fit into my 29" waist jeans again. Had not been able to fit into those for quite a few years. It's true that getting off your butt and moving around more plus a healthier diet works. My goal weight was to loose 5 lbs so I am 1 pound over. 155 would be nice so we'll see, otherwise, I am going to try and maintain this weight. Plus, since I added body-weight strength training to my routine, I feel stronger, have a tighter more defined physique and increased the amount of chin-ups / pull-ups / tricep presses and push-ups I can do. i.e...minimizing muscle loss.

Workout 1

Monday August 22 Long run today...over 4 miles or about 40 minutes. Completed body weight exercises at the lakefront exerise station.  Six Pull-ups on the parallel bars, 2 sets of Chin-ups, 11/10, 2 sets of tricep presses to failure, 2 sets of bicycle abs on the incline, 30 seconds each set, and 1 set of dips on the low parallel bars to failure.  Great workout today!!! Felt much better today.  I added Matt's all natural chocolate chip cookies and more milk to my diet this week for extra calories.  Also, red leaf lettuce and plain yogurt.  Chicken breast, potatoes and brocolli is the staple dinner. Breakfast is usually a bowl or two of corn flakes, a vitamin and orange juice.  Lunch = pbj, cookies, corn chips with diced tomatoes, about 2 glasses of milk and 7 large spoon fulls of plain yogurt.  Extra snacks usually vary between a bowl of corn flakes, or chocolate chip cookies, or corn chips w/diced tomatoes...chips and cereal are my favorites. Small servings 1-2 times a day.