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Showing posts from August 14, 2011

Workout 2

Thursday August 18th Long bike-ride today.  About 45-55 minutes and over 15 miles. Forgot to set timer today though, but entire workout was an hour.  Took an a different route today which included a few more hills and a longer distance.  Overall felt great today on the bike portion.  However, strength training part am still a little sluggish on.  Managed a warm-up on the parallel bars and 2 sets of chin-ups,10/10.  Added some side pull-ups today....grasping bar vertically like holding a paddle. Did two sets of those.  Found a log on the ground the size of a baseball bat and swung that around for awhile for something different. Finished off with 1 set of triceps to failure presses and 1 set of dips on the low bars. Also, 10 push-ups.   Exercise  shout out  of the day goes to D's Muscle Madness! Bicycle abs:  And, check out his blog for more info:

Workout 1

Tuesday August 16th Long run today, approximately 4.5 miles. Felt a little sluggish today, walked a lot, but overall happy with my performance. Goal this week is to extend my run to over 5 miles and/or 45 minutes of run time.  Current time around 30 minutes.