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The  ACSM recommends  30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise for 5 days per week; or, 20 minutes of more vigorous intensity exercise for 3 days per week. How do I measure whether my activity is moderate intensity exercise vs. vigorous intensity exercise?  Maintain intensity via Target Heart Rate Zone. Moderate Intensity: 50-70% of Max Heart Rate  [(220- age)X.50] - [(220-ageX.70] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.5 = 90; 180X.7 = 126 Target Heart Rate Zone for Moderate intensity = 90-126 beats per minute. Vigorous Intensity:  70-85% of Max Heart Rate  [(220- age)X.70] - [(220-ageX.85] Ex. 40 year old: 220-40 = 180X.7 = 126; 180X.85 = 153 Target Heart Rate Zone for Vigorous intensity = 126-153 beats per minute Another thing to remember in your exercise program is calories! (1 lb of fat = 3500 calories). The  website reports that the ACSM recommendation for caloric expenditure from exercise is 1000 calories per week. That equals about 200 calories per session for a 5 time


Saturday January 6th 1.5 mile run.  No special them for this workout just a light jog.  This run felt much better or easier to go entire distance without stopping.   For more information about the benefits of jogging and/or running, check out this article on the Australian Better Health Channel For information on how exercise such as jogging can enhance better bone health check out this article