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Workout 3

Saturday May 5th Total time 36 minutes, light/moderate day. Light jog along lakefront. A misty, chilly and damp day...mid 50's. Nice day for a jog. Heart Rate Zone = 108-144   Between 60-80% max heart rate = (220-age X .60) - (220-age X .80) Warmup  8 minute walk / brisk walk (fit walk) Activity 23 minutes physical activity. Includes light jog (heart rate within zone @ 130 BPM or 70% of max HR), 2 sets of pushups and 2 sets leg raises to failure. Cool-down 5 minute light jog tapered to a fit walk


Physical Activity Helps Prevent Diabetes   By Mike Hupertz Click for Photo Reference Regular physical activity helps to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and control symptoms for those who have it, according to the CDC .  How much physical activity is required to help reduce your risk of diabetes? The CDC recommends 2 to 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise per week on a regular basis to help reduce your risk of diabetes. The more physical activity done per week the more your risk is reduced.  The same recommendation also applies to help control diabetes in those who already have it. (30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 times per week) Try to participate in some physical activity each day versus one long session per week. What types of physical activity  should I engage in? Brisk / vigorous walking, swimming, dancing, bicycling, hiking, tennis, volleyball, weight/strength training and aerobics are a few. The main thing is to engage in activity that you en

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Workout 1

Monday April 30th Warm-up 15 minutes: walk followed by a light jog and then dynamic exercise / stretches: leg swings, lunges, and jumping in place.  Activity   35 minute run along the lakefront, long run.  Added some ployometric jumps today at midpoint of run. Utilized a park bench to jump onto. Also completed some onelegged jumps, aka..skipping.  Cool-down 10 minutes: light jog followed buy walking. Good workout today.  Felt a little sluggish in the beginning but the warm-up period helped to overcome this.  Temp was in the upper 50's, slightly chilly.