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Sunday January 20th Today, I switched my workout up a little and went into a gym for weight training. Pre workout warm-up: Elliptical: 30 minutes altering incline and speed Stretching Routine: 5 minutes lower body / core stretches After my initial warm-up I performed 1 set and 10-12 reps of moderate weight for the exercises below. I did this to help avoid excessive muscle soreness / pain and to focus on muscle fiber recruitment for strength. I also monitored my rest between exercises to be between 30 seconds to a minute to add a cardiovascular component. (my enjoyment) Warm-up: Pull-ups:  Dips:  Workout: Bench Press:  Lat Pull-down:  Shoulder Press:  Bicep Curl: Tricep Press: Cooldown: Dips: Push Ups: (to failure) My goal for this workout was to avoid injury and unnecessary  / excessive  muscle   soreness or pain. Both goals were accomplished. I don't believe that exercise should be associated with pain.  Pain is a sign that something is wrong and is usually