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Health Fitness enthusiast skilled in physical education and applied health sciences including individual exercise and fitness planning; Passionate to help educate the public learn the benefits of physical activity for a healthier lifestyle. My credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago: PE Community Fitness, PE K-12 (Northeastern Illinois University) and an NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification. In addition, I'm an avid endurance activity participant and individual sport enthusiast.


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To avoid a DUI drink before NOON and celebrate with a country abroad, and/or WALK HOME!!! Have fun! I can "clock" 30 miles during 1 day of work Delivering with POSTMATES! Don't complain when your teeth are broken when you're forcefully being recorded and the title "TAKEDOWN SHAKEDOWN" is added to your business profile and CURRICULUM VITAE! PROOF or EVIDENCE that I did in fact walk 20 miles. I also have a 27 mile day or a day near 30 miles as recorded by my Google Maps. Though, turning off location only means for you! So that you don't see it and therefore, not relying on physical proof? As seen above when the cameras were blocked...


  I just received a federal work study grant for Graduate School at PittState University in Kansas. I also have independent study courses. My goal is to get paid via work study as I am an online student working remotely from California etc. I have a federal EIN for self employment within Health and Fitness Education. YouTube records "watch time" and thus those hours would become my worktime. Then, the financial aid office pays me thework study grant. I have experience with reporting work time work hours to San Francisco Human Sercices Agency. So, work study for YouTube would not be unusual. Something NEW?

Jimmy Durante "Frosty The Snowman"