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I have resided within homeless shelters in several cities within the United States of America. What I have learned is that the majority or these individuals collect TAX Payer Money without contribution. They go in and out of Prison and make money on the street without reporting that income to the IRS!  Why would I support individuals who do not contribute and are thus evading paying their tax or share to help others? They constantly are violent and especially when no one gives them money. They often gain public housing that is paid for from tax payer money! They often collect food stamps and sell these food stamps for money to buy drugs for personal use! My question is why would I support someone who does not work, EVADES taxes but yet thinks they are ENTITLED to COLLECT? I walk between 10-30 miles a day delivering with POSTMATES! You know what they say about that? For one, they constantly steal the clients merchandise! Two, they consider the "low per delivery fee"

President Ronald Reagan's Best Debate Moments

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: " .... "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" ... "RIGHT TO THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ..." ???? WOULD the "LESS GOVERNMENT" theme of the republican party spoken in the video above IMPLY "less men and more women?" And, thus, an end to AMERICA? After all the declaration states specifically, "MEN" ? OR, does "less government" comment refer to less tax payers involvement? Are tax payers GOVERNMENT BOSSES? Do the Republicans believe that less tax payers = better government? That essentially is less democracy or freedom of choice and an end to America?  Though, there are still "love marriages" and "arranged marriages." 

Lower Body Active Static Strength Workout - Strength and Endurance Burnout

BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE AT WORK! Increase your productivity and your bottom line with a workout! Learn how to save money by saving calories with more efficient movements! - Michael Joseph Hupertz Have you found that Americans are far more heavier today? Have you found that diets do not work at all and chose a better mental health than that which provided by media? If weight-loss doesn't work for you then why not choose efficiency and productivity? Learn to endure who you are at the weight that you are. A body and mind that can endure everyday life and activities = a higher quality and longer life!


To avoid a DUI drink before NOON and celebrate with a country abroad, and/or WALK HOME!!! Have fun! I can "clock" 30 miles during 1 day of work Delivering with POSTMATES! Don't complain when your teeth are broken when you're forcefully being recorded and the title "TAKEDOWN SHAKEDOWN" is added to your business profile and CURRICULUM VITAE! PROOF or EVIDENCE that I did in fact walk 20 miles. I also have a 27 mile day or a day near 30 miles as recorded by my Google Maps. Though, turning off location only means for you! So that you don't see it and therefore, not relying on physical proof? As seen above when the cameras were blocked...

PE: 1-800-999-MENN

A Drug Class for PE K-12 states "GERMAN CREATORS" for most pharmaceuticals or "drugs". Does this mean a German Pharmaceutical Dominated Industry for PE / Health Fitness?  While an Undergrad Student, I generated $120,000 dollars in debt. What would I have done to contribute: 1-800-999-MENN. Would doing so be a "PAID" employee? I received Federal Grant Money called 1-800-999-MENN. As my experience grew and my wallet deflated....I found a much more cost efficient number via Pilgrim Telephone and eventually a "FREE LOCAL CALL" number to run my business out of. Therefore, I consider myself an expert in this sort of material. Luckily, it does fall withing health and fitness and physical activity.  I believe that calls to the "free line" and such were a combination or other "free" callers and also fielding from the "paying" callers!  The phone records would show this information in my opinion. This in reference to be

WALL STREET 101: T2 Transporting (2017) Official Trailer

Nowadays do we just trade via a worldwide USA Commercial Stock Market exchange? '


UNIVERSAL LINGO: huh? A much more efficient use of the phrase, I don't recall." And, a lower energy cost as rated or "judged" per calorie. Lowering calories equal more savings!