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Workout 3

Friday April 13th Fun day. No formal plan today, just took it light. Split the workout into walk/jog.   In re gards to my research into running mechanics for better performance, I've decided that I'm gonna stick with what works for me and my style.  That is, sport specific training and goal setting. Sure, I want to maintain good form; but, I will also continue to adapt to my running style / technique. For instance, I used to have knee problems due to buying improper fitting shoes for my gait type. (I'm a moderate over-pronator) Once I had my gait analyzed I was able to be fitted with better shoes which corrected the problem .   M y p revious shoe choices were primarily based on specific brand, popularity or color/look. Those did not take into account my specific gait style or foot placement. Thus, I had knee pain and couldn't run far or fast enough to increase my performance. (plus, i was always running on grass) Once I knew how to choose better shoes, my knees sto

Workout 2

Wednesday April 11th Today was a disaster.  We'll call it a fun  I did manage a more moderate day than the previous workout but didn't really stick to the plan.  Tried some new running techniques / mechanics. Aka...forefoot healstrike.  To be honest, it didn't feel more efficient for me at all. Could be that my body is not adapted to this type of running technique.  My shoes are not made for this type of running technique either. (I've had knee trouble in the past from over-pronation and have bought shoes to correct that. (which are heavier in the heal) I have never had knee trouble since I've switched to these more supportive or corrective style shoes.   So I think, at least for now, that I'll stick to my original running style.  I'm not trying to win an olympic race and am comfortable with my running time and speed. Since I'm interested in triathlon, I really need to focus more on swim technique.  Swim has always been my worst of the thre

Workout 1

Monday April 9th 1 hour workout. Kept with the plan to increase my running distance for "Day-1" this week.  Increased distance close to 400 yards (300-400). However, run-time didn't seem to change much (only a minute or two).  I kept looking at my watch thinking I'd have a longer running time and nada...close to same time. Bodyweight portion didn't go quit so smoothly according to plan.  The place where I usually go was occupied so I wasn't able to complete my full routine as usual.  However, I did complete 2 sets of chin-ups, 4 on each set, 2 sets of triceps presses, 12 each set, and 2 sets of push-ups. Pull-ups were skipped but I managed to find an alternate device, a tree trunk, to pull myself up to complete 1 set.   I walked to an open field to practice the handstand.  I tried this without utilizing a tree with primary goal to not move backwards and maintain a stable pose; this worked.  I did not move or walk backwards this time and was able to do a m