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Showing posts from May 20, 2012

Workout 2

Friday May 25th 30 minute run along the lakefront. Moderate day today.  Managed to check heart-rate but seemed somewhat high at around 160 BPM.  I was in more of a hurry today and didn't get a correct reading.  Will double check next time.  All in all was a great workout.  Had a nice 5 minute walk as a warm up, followed by 30 minutes of jogging time and a walk home as my cool-down.  Nice temp in the upper 60's.  Great workout today.

Alcohol and Fitness?

Can you drink beer and still be fit? Here's an interesting article I read to help answer that question. The answer would depend on amount of consumption and activity levels.  Check out the article for more information. Also, I've added a link to a calculator that can estimate the amount of calories you're consuming from your favorite alcoholic drink.  One way to assist with weight loss is to reduce alcohol consumtion.  How many extra calories are you consuming?  Try it out.

Workout 1

Monday May 21st 40 minute run along the lakefront. Great workout today. I tried a different route on the path. Temp was in the 60's.  Forgot to take my heart rate but this was a light day today.  I mixed the workout with walk / run intervals. Warmup:  6 minutes walk/light jog Activity:  27 minutes, jog/walk intervals Cool-down:  7 minutes, walk