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CAPTAIN "BUTT QUACK" Check out the "tattoo" on my leg. Cost over $4000!!! Never leave home without your SPONSOR! - Atripla / Gilead Sciences helps keep these Kaposi Sarcoma Lesions (PURPLE SPOTS) in remission. Read more about this at the link below.

Seinfeld - Highlights of Mr. & Mrs. Costanza 1



"VĂ­deo oficial de Ricky Martin de su tema 'The Best Thing About Me Is You'" Today while listening to a "Ricky Martin" videos I heard the word "simple;" drinking my black tea "chai" and feeling slightly overweight as I am nearing 150 lbs (NAKED) on the scale! Yes, over 150 lbs for my height and weight regardless of body composition is nearing the unhealthy range and time to take action to avoid a potential health crisis! My healthy weight range REGARDLESS OF BODY COMPOSITION is 122 lbs to 165lbs. This means to me that I must stay within this range to remain healthy and thus avoiding heath crisis!  Less than 122 lbs equates to the underweight category which then leads to the "death" category. One could research the health complications associated with being underweight on their own. Greater than 165 lbs equates to the overweight category which then leads to the obese category and also thus after leads to the "deat


Here is the "15 Minute Workout: Jogging/Calisthenics - 7 minutes 20 push-ups 1 minute alternating leg lifts (scissors) 16 Single-arm high planks (8 each arm/alternating) Combination - 7 minutes: 10 Squat to bicep-curl to overhead presses Dumbbells 1 minutes 8 Standing one arm lat pulls (each arm)