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Making off DNA Magazine # 147 Feat CA-RIO-CA WEAR


Drug tests and background checks used to deny employment go against the Fourth Amendendment and equal opportunity clause written in the constitution. To ask an applicant to perform a drug test or background check of which leads to a dismissal from an employment opportunity is unlawful and against America's interest.  I think we need a shift from singular to a united. Singular thinking tends to lead to non change. If, I am unhappy with my job for instance what I do reflects how those react to an "accommodation" or need. Quitting or leaving a job is often a way to get companies to change. i.e drug test arw unconstitutional! Period! They are illegal searches and seizures!  Background checks that deny employment also violate the constitution! Did not covid19 shut down companies and render them to a superior authority? Thus, are drug tests and background checks used to deny employment capital offenses leading to the death penalty? I have "heard" worse. How can domina

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Cannonball Run Doctor

"...All I need is this...and this..."