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Workout 1: Missed Workouts

Monday December 3rd  1.5 mile run. Overall a great workout. The warm-up consisted of  1/2 mile walk.  After the warm-up I completed a 1.5 mile run/jog and a 1/2 mile walk for the cool-down.  Warm-ups and cool-downs help to prevent injury by getting the body ready for exercise.  Each time I workout I spend at least 5-10 minutes on warm-ups/cool-downs...usually via walking. TIP:   Missed Workouts I failed to meet workout and blog post goal over the past two weeks. However, I won't let this steer me away from my long-term goals though.  The lesson here is to maintain a positive outlook and overall long-term commitment to exercise and fitness by continuing with my exercise program the following week and utilizing this as a learning experience. (i.e. focusing on the "big picture" or long-term goal)  I've included a motivational video about what to do if you miss a workout....